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                          PARTS OF FACE THREADING

Threading is a chinese system of removing hair,Unwanted hair on some body parts sometimes come in the way of looking beautiful:particularly for women.In old days,Women used flour,turmeric,etc..for removing hair.Today ,there are many methods for solving the problem. One of them is "THREADING".

  • THREAD NO.40
On Which Parts Of face Threading can be done:

  1. Eyebrows
  2. Upper lips
  3. Forehead
  4. Side-blocks
  5. Chin
Care to be taken before Threading:
  1. The unremoved hair after Waxing can be removed only by threading. 
  2. It is necessary to apply talcum powder before threading.
  3. Threading with a wet-thread is less painful. 
beauty eye
Eyebrow Threading

 2. Upper lips Threading
                                      The upper part of lips is very delicate.If proper care is not taken while threading.The skin may get rashed .It is advisable to carry out threading after tightening the skin.

    3.Forehead Threading  
                                       Ask the client stretch and hold the skin on the forehead tightly while the threading process is on.carry out the threading in the opposite direction of the hair.

    4.side-blocks Threading 
                                           Side -blocks means the area between the ear and the cheek,It is necessary to ask the client stretch and hold the skin of this area tightly while the threading is in the process.

    5.Chin Threading 
                                The chine is area below the lower lip.Before threading, ask the client keep the lower lips tight by pushing it with the tongue from inside.

   Care to be taken after threading 
     1. Apply astringent after threading 
     2. If the skin get rash after threading,massage it a moisturiser cream 


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